Palabra Tipo Definición
España n País.
Abuso de firma n Circunstancia agravante de la responsabilidad.
Derecho n

1 Gral. Conjunto de principios, normas, costumbres y concepciones jurisprudenciales y de la comunidad jurídica, de los que derivan las reglas de ordenación de la sociedad y de los poderes públicos, así como los derechos de los individuos y sus relaciones con aquellos.

En este sentido derecho es una noción equivalente a ordenamiento o norma general.

Acecho n Lugar desde el cual se acecha.
Abogar v Defender en juicio.
Abuso n Acción y efecto de abusar
Abandono n Renuncia sin beneficiario determinado, con pérdida del dominio o posesión sobre cosas que recobran su condición de bienes nullius o adquieren la de mostrencos.
Abigeo n Ladrón de ganado o bestias.
Aborto n Pen. Delito que comete quien aborta o practica un aborto fuera de los casos que la ley permite.
Acotar v Delimitar.
Acoso n Acción de acosar.
Acoso sexual n

Solicitud de favores de naturaleza sexual para sí o para un tercero en el ámbito de una relación laboral, docente o de prestación de servicios, cuando tal reclamación sea continuada y tal comportamiento provoque en la víctima una situación intimidatoria, hostil o humillante.

Batterlation n Batteries. See also; “[Las] Baterias.”
Ball-parker n Any low-quality measuring device, incapable of giving consistent accuracy and precision, being instead merely “in the ballpark.”
Barking Spiders n A species of arachnid which emits a mating call resembling the flatulence of the industrious human male. Olfactory sensation may be disregarded.
Basal Platten n Base plate. [Non- AvE word, from Turbo Encabulator description.]
Ley n Norma dictada por el Parlamento o Cortes, aprobada con ese nombre y siguiendo el procedimiento legislativo establecido en los Reglamentos de las Cámaras, que contiene mandatos y ocupa una posición jerárquica inmediatamente inferior a la Constitución y superior a las demás normas.
beer n A unit of time equating to how long it takes to drink a beer. Can be halved and quartered to mean partial beers.
Bendy adj A rigid part or tool which has already been bent. “Have to find another drill bit. This one’s bendy.” [Non-AvE word]
Better Three Quarters proper n AvE’s wife. Derived from “My Better Half.”
Betwixt prep. Archaic form of “between” [Non-AvE word]
Big Rock Candy Mountain (in the Sky) n A low person’s idea of an impossibly-fanciful paradise, where amazing things are commonplace. “…right from the Big Rock Candy Mountain: Shenzhen—ten bucks!” [Non-AvE word, originates from a folk song of the same name.]
Big Bertha proper n 1. AvE’s biggest vise. 2. Euphonious phrase for biggest example of something in its class [non AvE word.]
Bird Dog n AvE’s dog. It appears to be a Golden Retriever.
Bitch Mittens n Rubber gloves.
Bits ‘n Pickles exp Variant of the usual phrase, “shits ‘n giggles.”
Black and Decker Pecker Wrecker proper n The Black and Decker tool company. Variations: Hack and Wrecker, Whack and Pecker, Smack and Checker, Sack and Pecker.
Blonde Cunt Hair n A nominal width. (Engineers are also known to use Red Cunt Hair (RCH) as well.)
Blonde One n A common censoring of , a precision machinists’ slang term for one half of a thousandth of an inch. (According to AVE’s ruler scale) 0.0005 “When you’re machining, you can always pluck a blond one away—you can’t put one back.” [Non-AvE word] See also, “Red One.” Other variations include “Half Blonde,” “Black One,” and “Mediterranean.”
Blueberry n Bluetooth. Proper noun 1. Blackberry.
Bob’s Your Aunty adj It’s just that simple. Or “everything will be fine”. [Non-Ave word, a variation on the Irish phrase “Bob’s Your Uncle.”] “There you go” the common meaning.
BOLTR acronym Bored Of Lame Tool Reviews
Booby Jizzler adj Remarkable or excellent. Variation of Bobby Dazzler. [Non-AvE word]
Bottom Side Topwise phrase 1. A flip of the phrase “upside down but it means the same thing.
Bumble Fuck n 1. Idiot 2. AvE (sometimes can be Uncle Bumble Fuck) 3. A place in the middle of nowhere [Non-AvE word]
Bumblefuckery n 1. The act of goofing off, or engaging in unproductive and/or silly activities. 2. The actions of idiots. See “Bumble Fuck 3. Chaos, mayhem, nonsense, discord, or disorder in general.
Buck Off v 1. To part off.
Brain Box n 1. Computer. See “Confuser
Buna-N n 1. Nitrile butadiene rubber. Usage “Buna-N O-Ring. See also, “Condom. Butyl Rubber (Polyisobutylene) is aka Butylene-Nitrile rubber (Buna-N).
Buna-N Condom adj 1. Vibration damping and protective rubber seal, usually between a bearing and an open housing.
Canadian Peso proper n 1. Canadian Dollar 2. Reference to Canada’s devalued currency. Also called Canuckistan Kopeks, a reference to former soviet currency.
Cattywampus adj 1. Misaligned, oblique, diagonal, bent. [Non-AvE word.]
Carbon foam n 1. Very well done toast. Also known as Ablative Tile. 2. Pyrolysed bread - Excellent thermal properties great for use in a refractory. 3. Euphemism for wood.
Cadillac of automobiles adj 1. The top of the line.
Chinglish n 1. The language in which instruction manuals accompanying parts made in China are written. A portmanteau of Chinese and English. [Non-AvE word.]
Cheese-grade adj 1. Referencing any low-grade fastener prone to failing and/or stripping threads. 2. Referencing any low-grade part or material. 3. Drill bits only suitable for drilling holes in cheese. 4. A euphemistic variant of cheese-dick.
Chinesium/Chineeseium n Any low-grade material (metals, plastics) originating from China. [Non-AvE word.]
Chintzy (Chin-see) adj 1. Cheap and of poor quality. [Non-AvE word.]
Chooch v 1. Synonym for work or perform. “This pump just will not chooch! - reference to steam engine drive pistons.
Chooch Factor n 1. Arbitrary measure of how well something works. “That ought to increase the chooch factor considerably. // 2. Aggressiveness of a cut or ambition of an action. “Clearly had to reduce the chooch factor, but the Ol’ Girl likes it better.
Chowdered adj 1. Marred, galled, or otherwise damaged, usually beyond repair. “This bearing is chowdered to fahk.
Chris proper n 1. The name AvE has used to refer to himself.
Clapped-Out adj 1. Worn out due to age or excessive clapping (innuendo), “Never attempt this on an old clapped-out bridgeport mill. [Non AvE word, British slang]
Justicia n

1 Gral. Principio consagrado como valor superior del ordenamiento jurídico en el que confluyen los de razonabilidad, igualdad, equidad, proporcionalidad, respeto a la legalidad y prohibición de la arbitrariedad, ya que, según los casos, se identifica con alguno de estos otros principios.

Cold as a whore’s heart adj 1. Very cold, e.g. -5°C / 20°F.
Con Carne exp 1. A meaningless phrase added to the end of “Queso. 2. As part of “Silly Con Carne. Sili-con-carne is used as slang for silicone. [Non-AvE word, from Spanish, literally “with meat.]
Confuser n 1. A computer, microcontroller, or any sort of integrated circuit.
Corntact n 1. Shouted aloud as a way to warn others that something bad might happen due to one's own intentional discrete action. From the phrase “contact. Such words might be shouted as someone is about to start an engine or close some giant electrical contactors. Pilots used to yell “contact before starting a propeller driven airplane; now they yell “clear prop so the juicy bags of meat will move out of the way lest they become a grease stain on the tarmac and bend a propeller.
Craptacular adj 1. Precisely not spectacular. [Non-AvE word]
Crapped-Out adj 1. Broken or dysfunctional. (see “Clapped-Out) [Non-AvE word]
Crappy Tire proper n 1. Canadian Tire, an auto parts retailer/hardware store/general merchandiser. Synonyms: Cambodian Dire, Cambodian Tire, Ukrainian Tire, Crafty Liar. [Non-AvE word Canadian slang.]
Cromulated adj 1. Made cromulent. Corrected or forced to work.
Cromulent adj 1. Fine, acceptable. Suited to the task. [Non-AvE word, from the Simpsons.] But see also; Cromulated, Cromulicity …AvE words.
Cromulicity n 1. The measure of how cromulent something is.
Crusty adj 1. Crude and unsophisticated, esp. of an electronic circuit. 2. Built down to a price, as cheaply as possible. [Non AvE word]
Cuntstain Targlide - Tungsten Carbide proper n 1. The paragon of materials. Also pronounced cuntstain tongue-glide.
Dead Nuts adj 1. Accurate. Precision-machinists’ slang for cases when a part or measurement currently is, or needs to be, accurately sized; usually to within a few thou. [Non-AvE word.]
Deflummox-cised adj 1. The complete drain of a battery cell.
Diaper cream n 1. Thermal paste.
Dick beaters n 1. Hands. (Also: Dirty Dick Beaters) [Non-AvE word.]
Dilly of a pickle n 1. In a situation without any good options.
Dinosaur Squeezings n 1. A petroleum or natural gas product.
Do-Re-Mi n 1. Money.
Doobly-Doo n 1. The description and/or comments section of a Youtube Vijayo. [Non-AvE word.] (Also: Choochily-chooch which is an AvE variation.)
Dodgery n 1. Screwing about. (See “Bumblefuckery) [Non-AvE word.]
Dry as a Popcorn Fart exp. adj 1. Very dry. [Non-AvE word.]
Dunderheaded adj 1. Stupid (often in reference to a mistake). [Non-AvE word.]
Dungarees Frankenstein n 1. a measurement of temperature; Degrees Fahrenheit.
Dungarees Science n 1. a measurement of temperature; Degrees Celsius. May also be a reference to Celsius being a SI derived unit.
Ear-Hole Pluggers n 1. Ear plugs; insertable noise reduction devices for reducing hearing damage in loud environments.
Eat-A-Fruit proper n 1. Adafruit, specialist electronics supplier Incl. Arduino & the Raspberry Pi.
Elastometer n 1. Elastomer, a natural or synthetic polymer having elastic properties, e.g. rubber.
Elec-chicken n 1. Electrician 2. Pixie-wrangler
Empire of Dirt n 1. All the shop’s cluttered tables and storage areas. [Possible reference to NIN/Johnny Cash song “Hurt?]
Farmer Wrench n 1. An adjustable wrench. (See also: Swedish Nut Lathe)
Fart Smeller n 1. An individual, typically male, of respectable intelligence i.e. a smart fellow or “smart feller. Often used by AvE to refer to other YouTube uploaders he admires. [Non AvE word]
Fabricobble v 1. To build or construct a component, device or structure in an amateurish, non-professional way, often quickly and using materials on hand. Portmanteau of “Fabricate and “Cobble.
Family maintenance checks n 1. Child support checks. (Source)
Festering Stool proper n 1. Festool. German power tool company. Subject of at least two BOLTRs.
Fetch v To get stuck.
Flea Bay proper noun 1. eBay, source of all manner of toys, from rare skookum choochers to chintzy, chinesium garbage.
Flesh Cutter n 1. A flush-cut or side-cut wire cutter.
Fluffery adv 1. To hand finish a part. A fluffer is someone who maintains the readiness of male pornography actors between camera takes. Presumably using their hands in this context.
Foreskin n 1. Foresight.
For Tom Sachs phrase 1. A euphemistic variant of “For Pete’s Sake which is a euphemistic variant of “For Christ’s Sake. Tom Sachs is an American contemporary artist who runs his shop in NYC.
Free ninety nine adj 1. Inexpensive, affordable - usually free.
Freedom Dollars n 1. US dollars. Also, freedom bucks.
Fuckery n 1. Chaos, nonsense, or generalized bullshit. (see “Bumblefuckery)
Full Pull n 1. Full scale. 2. All the way. Origin is from tractor pulls. [Non-AvE word]
Fudge Factor n 1. A figure included in a calculation to account for error or unanticipated circumstances, or to ensure a desired result.
Gargler proper noun The Google search engine. Often, “the gargler.
Gas Axe noun 1. Chainsaw (US). Oxy-Fuel cutting torch (UK).
Gettin’ Spot noun A store, often in the business of selling tools or other hardware.
Gizzards noun Internals of a complex electronic device or machine. [Non-AvE word; the gizzard is a digestive organ in some animals, mainly birds and lizards.]
Gland End noun The “business end of any long part. Term origin is in hydraulics, but AvE usage may be found in any context. [Non-AvE word.] Euphemistic reference to the Glans Penis, the sensitive bulbous structure at the distal end of the human penis.
Grand marteau noun French meaning large hammer.
Gravity noun Mass, weight. “Ho-ly! She’s got some gravity to ‘er! [Non-AvE word.]
Gonorsyphilherpeaides noun A hazardous result of exposure. Might be derived from:
Hack-a-ma-saw noun A hack saw.
Hand fist verb Masturbate.
Hand job verb To drill by hand.
Hangulation noun Angle.
Hazard Fraught proper noun Harbor Freight, purveyor of cheap tools. Synonyms: Horror Fright, Horrible Freight, Hazard Fraud, etc.
High fructose cornsyrup and red dye number five noun Ketchup. (Source)
Home Gamer noun A hobby or solo machinist working in a home shop. [Non-AvE word.]
Homeless Despot proper noun The Home Depot. (Also: Homeless Deathspot)
Hoo-haa rattler Proper noun A vibrator. Referring to the fact that the object at hand could be used as a female pleasuring device.
Hooped adj. caught in a situation that has no obvious solution. [Non-AvE word]
Hot Snot noun Hot glue or other thick, obnoxious, glues or end-of-production PCB coatings; “They just hot-snotted that board in there. [Non-AvE word.]
Hot dog down a hallway adj. 1. A loose fitIronically, a perfect fit. (Source)
Hot supper verb 1. Working it very hard, 0%. Commonly as “given her the hot supper.
HPHT noun Hot Pink Hockey Tape. Reference to High-Pressure/High-Temperature.
Japscrap noun What your daddy named his low-grade tools & material before China got into the game.
Infernal Combustion Engine noun Internal Combustion Engine
Jazz Hands verb. To type. “I did the ol’ jazz hands routine on the gargler and found this.
Jeezless adj. Spiritless. [Unknown. Reminiscent of “Jesus, but usage is totally different. “If I can fix the Jeezless thing.]
Jelly Bean[er] noun Any IC or simple active electronic component now so commonplace that its price is negligible and its brand is largely irrelevant. [Non-Ave Word.]
Jeweller’s Hammer noun Any especially large or heavy hammer or mallet-like implement. [Non-AvE word, but is an AvE joke since a real jeweller’s hammer is a very small, delicate hammer. Canadian spelling, as AvE is Canadian.]
Jean-Guy’s Your Uncle phrase Similar to Bob’s Your Uncle, Jean-Guy is a common french name.
Juicy Jizzer noun A liquid pump, esp. for machining coolant.
Keener noun A person who is who is extremely eager, zealous, or enthusiastic. [Non-AvE word, Canadian slang]
Kick at the Can exp. 1. An attempt, a try. A testing or trial period.
Kilobuck noun 1. $1000. Kilo being the SI prefix for 00.
Let the [Magic] Smoke Out exp. Physical failure of a part, usually a circuit component. Comes from the tongue-in-cheek explanation that all electronic chips run on magic smoke trapped inside — and naturally when you see any magic smoke escape, the chip is dead. [Non-AvE word.]
Little Chickadee proper noun AvE’s daughter. Abbreviated to chickadee. (Also: chicken)
Lil’ Screwy proper noun The name AvE gave his “100 ton screw press. See also: μ-Screwy.
Makin’ Chips exp. A term for machining, sarcastically implying chips are the goal. Comes from the cutting off of metal chips in machining. [Non-AvE word.]
Mao’s Dollarama proper noun Any retailer of cheap Chinesium garbage. From Mao Zedong, Chinese communist revolutionary, and Dollarama, a Canadian dollar store chain. Also: Chinada.
Marzel Vanes noun Reference to “Turbo-Encabulator product description - Pseudo-Engineering technobabble.
Marketing Wank noun trade. 1. Gimmick; a trick or device intended to attract attention, publicity, or A person who comes up with said gimmicks
Mass of the Ass noun The material, substance, part, or object being worked on. Commonly referred to as being poorly or correctly induced (influenced/affected by) by the Angle of the Dangle. (see “Angle of the Dangle)
Masochist noun Person who hand works tree carcasses. Also known as a woodworker.
Metric shit-ton noun A lot.
Mo' Powah noun More power.
Molybdenum disulfide noun A lubricant comprising molybdenum and sulfur. Can often be extracted for use in tools from the wife’s white couch. (also ‘Moly-disulfide’)
My Favorite Libation noun Chlorinated brake cleaner, “my favorite libation, just another flavor. [Non-AvE word, just in this context.]
μ-Screwy (MI-cro SCREW-ee) proper noun The name AvE gave his “25 ton miniature screw press. The mu symbol μ is the SI prefix for “micro. See also: Lil’ Screwy.
Milsucky proper noun The Milwaukee Electric Tool Co. or any of their tools. Rarely, “Milfucky. See also; “Willfuckye.
Not Teabag adj. Not too bad.
Never-Sneeze noun Anti-sieze. A compound for preventing damage or destruction to threads or certain threaded fasteners. “Throw some never-sneeze on there what for reducing headaches down the road.
Off-site storage noun Where you store some of your tools. Also known as your neighbor’s house because he borrowed the tool and didn’t return it.
Ol’ Girl proper noun AvE’s pet name for his well-loved, but clapped-out Bridgeport Mill.
Pissy noun Pounds per Square Inch (PSI).
Pixies noun Electrons.
Pixie Wrangler noun 1. Electrician. Coder/Programmer.
Percussive Maintenance noun The fine art of fixing things through the considered application of mechanical pressure. Or commonly, bashing things with a hammer. [Non-AvE word]
Persuader noun A hammer or other large and heavy object used for fine adjustments in assembly - See also, jeweller's hammer.
Plumber for ones and zeros noun Programmer
Pokey Bit noun A male port on a machine or computer, a plug which could be ‘poked’ into a port, or a probe tip.
Pokey Bit Receptacle noun The female port, socket or other hole which is designed to receive a pokey bit.
Predator Vision noun FLIR infrared heat sensing camera.
Prefamulated adj Fabricated in such a way that it is embedded or encased in some substance. “It’ll have nichrome wire all through here in a grid, and it’s prefamulated in some silicone. [Non-AvE word - reference to “Turbo-Encabulator]
Princess Auto proper noun Princess Auto is Canada’s answer to Harbor Freight. Home of “Power Fist brand tools.
Pug fuggly adj. Ugly. [Non-AvE word - word play on “fucking ugly and reference to ugly pug dogs.]
Queso exp. Abbreviation of “okay, so. From Spanish, “cheese. See also; “Con Carne.
Rectum-frier proper noun Rectifier
Recycled Toilet Paper noun Medium density fiberboard (MDF) made from sawdust and glue, pressed together at high temperatures and pressures. The worst kind of tree carcass product.
Red Green proper noun 1. A Canadian comedy TV show that AvE gets many references from. Worth checking out.
Red One noun 1. A common censoring of Red Cunt Hair, a precision machinists’ slang term for one thousandth (According to AVE’s ruler) of an inch; 001 “Now we’re within a red one on length. [Non-AvE word] See also, “Blonde One. Other variations include “Half Blonde, “Black One, and “Mediterranean.
Retrouded verb Retreated. “Gentlemen, we have retrouded back to the shop.
Rip-ums noun RPMs, an acronym for Revolutions Per Minute, a common unit when measuring frequency of rotation.
Rocket Surgery noun A play on words which mixes two common metaphors: rocket science and brain surgery [Non-AvE word]
Safety Squints noun Squinting your eyes in substitution for actual safety glasses.
Safety M’Glarses noun Actual safety glasses or other eye protection that provide a protective chooch factor greater than that of safety squints.
Scandihoovian noun Scandinavian, humorous. “As the Scandihoovians say, this thing is yunk.
Shenzhen proper noun All-encompassing term for sources of cheap Chinese electronics. Includes BangGood, GearBest, AliExpress, etc., and some eBay and Amazon sellers. [Non-AvE word. The name comes from the electronics “retail capital of China, Huaqiangbei market in the city of Shenzhen, and its modern emplacement in the form of online retailers.]
Shit the Bed exp Ceased to function, with the result of making a mess. [Non-AvE word.]
Shop Rat noun A metal shop worker. [Non-AvE word.]
Shmoo/Schmoo noun Gunk; any crusty or gooey residue, coating, or liquid lubricant. [Non-AvE word.]
Silly Con [Carne] noun Silicone sealant. “We’ll get some silly con carne, give ‘er the ol’ bathtub routine. See also; “Con Carne.
Skookem/Skookum (skew-come) adj. Is working, good, sturdy, strong, well-built. This new blender is skookem. Often: “a skookum choocher. [Non-AvE word; Chinook slang.]
Skookumify verb To improve the design or construction of a product until it is genuinely skookum.
Sodding Iron noun Soldering Iron
Son of a Diddly exp. Euphemistic variant of “Son of a Bitch popularized if not created by The Simpsons’ Ned Flanders [Non-AvE word.]
Spearamints noun Experiments
Springamathing 1. noun 2. verb 1. A spring, or something springlike. 2. To spring out.
Sprung a Leak exp. Cut oneself; ‘draw’ blood
Stone-Flinger noun Lawn Mower; a machine used for cutting grass.
Summer teeth adj. Teeth with a few missing; some’re here, some’re there. [Non-AvE word.]
Swedish Nut Lathe noun An adjustable wrench, often used to inadvertently round the flats off of hexagonal head fasteners. See also; “Thumb-detecting nut fucker.
Tap water noun Just plain water from the tap. In Canuckistan it comes in big blocks you have to melt down. Not to be confused with tapping fluid. (Source and source)
Thou noun 1 . Common shop abbreviation for one thousandth of an inch; 0.001 “Seven sixteenths of course…7 thou. [Non-AvE word.]
Threaded carpenter’s nail noun Wood screw.
Tighter than a dick’s hat-band phrase Tight. Could be used to identify a place that is empty, a person who is wound up, or any number of situations where the word tight is used. Nobody seems to know who Dick was. Apparently he had a tough time keeping his hat on his head. [Non-AvE word]
T’internets noun The internet. [Non-AvE word.]
Titty Bit adj. A small amount. [Non-AvE word.]
Titterpated adj. The state of having found something humorous.
Thumb-detecting nut fucker - noun 1. An adjustable wrench with builtin hammer head. “If the jaws don’t round it off, the hammer sure can. 2. SH Hammer Head Miner’s Wrench
Thumb Detector noun Any hammer or mallet-like implement.
Thaitanium noun Any low-grade material (metals, plastics) originating from China/Taiwan. See also; “Chinesium
Tombstony adj. The look of a surface-mount resistor or capacitor that has been soldered upright, not flat with contact on both sides. Example usage, said on examination of a PCB: “…Nothing tombstony. It all looks great.
Tree Carcass noun Wood, board, log, etc. [Non-AvE word.]
Triple Nickel noun 1. A 5 timer integrated circuit chip. [Non-AvE word.]
Unobtainium noun A material so precious and rare, it possesses god-like physical qualities, being perfect in every regard. [Non-AvE Word]
Unobtanium Sintered Pixie Dust noun Material that is so amazing that when drill bits are made out of it, lubrication or cutting fluid is not needed. Most of AvE’s drill bits are made of this apparently. (see “Unobtainium)
VFD noun Variable frequency drive electronic speed control system that enhances a mill or lathe’s performance and features. [Non-Ave word.]
Vijayo noun 1. An encoded series of images, displayed in sequence, and synchronized with the recorded sounds of the images’ origin;Video.
Wank noun 1. BS “the wank is strong with these ones, “marketing wank. British slang for masturbation. [Non-AvE word.]
Weeble Wobble adj. Out of round or not spinning true.
What-for noun 1. Enthusiastic effort. 2. Vigorous thrashing. Smashy smashy. “Give it what-for. [Non-AvE word]
Widlar-izer noun 1. A hammer or the technique of using a hammer to “fix things. (With origins relating to Bob Widlar, an extraordinary electronic engineer and designer, who practiced pulverising a bad or faulty part that is at fault).The adjuster on an adjustable wrench. See Swedish Nut Lathe. [Non-AvE word]
Willfuckee proper noun The Milwaukee Electric Tool Co. or any of their tools. See also; “Milsucky.
Whipper Snipper proper noun A weed-wacker/weed-eater/string trimmer. [Non-AvE word, common Canadian term for such.]
Whiskey Dick Soft adj. Describes a soft material, opposite of hard as a coffin nail.
Yu Long Ding-Dong proper noun An “engineer living in Guangzhou China who makes crappy items and puts them on Flea-Bay. (see “Flea-Bay)
Aluminium n The mispronunciation of the word Aluminum
Angry pixie physical containment device n A lithium-ion battery
America's favorite libation n 1. America's favorite libation. 2. Manufactured by the San Diego, California-based WD-40 Company
Annum n Year
Audiofools n 1. Audiophiles. 2.Those who believe that $3,500 cables let them hear the audio more clearly, when the music was originally created with $25 cables
Battaria n 1. Battery, pronounced with a Spanish accent
Pronounced with a Spanish accent n A circuit with one or more drops of epoxy obscuring a microchip or circuit
Blueberry n Bluetooth - the wireless communications protocol
Brain box n 1. Micro-controller. 2. Microchip. 3.Processor.
Brain wave n An idea
British Columbia n 1.A Canadian province.2.The supposed home of the AvE channel narrator.
Bull cook n A person charged with cooking or chores at a remote camp
Bouton n French for "button"
Burninator n Soldering iron
Buzzwiper simulated rice wine beverage n Budweiser beer
Baby Doll n Wife of video author Mother of Chickadee
Backyardigans n A Canadian/American animated children's show that follows the adventures of Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin as they use their imaginations to transform their boring backyards into exciting locations and adventures
Annum noun Year
Foreplay noun Any introductory remarks Anything preceding the main content
Empire of dirt noun The workshop The garage Wife's sewing room
Baby Doll noun Wife of video author Mother of Chickadee Chickadee
Frame you fack! verb The frustrated exclamation of the user, to the user, to point the camera in the needed direction Focus you fack!
Chintzy adjective Cheap or flimsy Not sturdy China Chinada Chinesium Hung Low Charlie
Engelnerding verb The practice of engineering Enginerd Plumber for ones and zeros Scienticians
Especial adjective Special Pronounced with a French or Spanish accent
Perito n

Proc. Experto en una materia a quien se le encomienda la labor de analizar desde un punto de vista técnico, artístico, científico o práctico la totalidad o parte de los hechos litigiosos. Deberá poseer el título oficial que corresponda a la materia objeto de dictamen. También podrá solicitarse a academias o instituciones culturales y científicas que se ocupen del estudio de las materias objeto de pericia.

LEC, art. 340; LECrim, art. 456.
Metric fanboys noun Those who enthusiastically use the metric system Science
Backyardigans noun A Canadian/American animated children's show that follows the adventures of Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Tasha, and Austin as they use their imaginations to transform their boring backyards into exciting locations and adventures Chickadee
Chooch verb To operate or move properly Choocher
America's favorite libation noun WD-40, a penetrating oil and water displacing spray Manufactured by the San Diego, California-based WD-40 Company
Chinesium noun That which comes from China Chinada China Chintzy Hung Low Charlie
Foreskin nounverb Forethought Thinking ahead
Rectum fryer noun Rectifier A device that converts alternating current to direct current
Focus you fack! verb The frustrated demand of the camera to focus Frame you fack! Shirts!
Home gamer noun Those working at home or for personal enjoyment Those watching the videos for entertainment Those not in the trade
Aluminium noun The mispronunciation of the word Aluminum
Hoo haa noun Female reproductive bits Hoo haa rattler Bull cook
Angry pixie physical containment device noun A lithium-ion battery Pixie Pixie path Pixie wrangler
Audiofools noun Audiophiles Those who believe that $3,500 cables let them hear the audio more clearly, when the music was originally created with $25 cables Muskick Ghetto blaster
Enginerd noun Derogatory term for engineer Engelnerding Plumber for ones and zeros Professional Scienticians
Corn Growers Association of America Referring to those growers of corn in America whose growing of corn is subsidized by the American government Those who provide raw materials to the corn syrup manufacturing industry
Gweilo noun Chinese slang for Westerner Chew hai
In hammer we trust phrase A modification of the phrase "In God We Trust", the official motto of the United States of America United States of Freedom
Bouton noun French for "button" United States of Freedom
Great Canadian Wasteland noun Canada Canaderp Canuck Kanuckistan United States of Freedom
Samasung noun Samsung The maker of everything on Earth The company that made US$ 305,000,000,000 in 2014 DeWalt DeWilt DeFault Crapsman Fruke Hack & Wrecker Mastercrap Milfucky Stuper glue
Peek under the skirts verb To look inside To inspect
O'smelloscope noun An oscilloscope A type of electric diagnostic tool Fluke
Hung Low Charlie noun Referring to a low cost, sometime low quality supplier from China China Chinada Chinesium Chintzy
Guys on the tools noun Tradesmen Professional
Milwaukee noun The Milwaukee Tool Corporation Now owned by the Taiwanese holding company Techtronic Industries, or TTI Whose other holdings include AeroScout Arial Avdel B & D Bed-Check Best Access Systems Black & Decker Blackhawk Blick (UK) Bostitch Britool C.J. Rush Industries (Canada) Convergent security solutions (CSS) Craftsman Cribmaster DeWalt Dodge (fastners) Dubuis Emhart Teknologies; later renamed Stanley Engineered Fastening EVS (Canada) Expert Facom (France) Frisco Bay Industries Ltd. (Canada) Frisco-ATMS (Canada) Générale de Protection Gripco Guoqiang (GQ) Tools (China) HeliCoil Horst Sprenger GmbH (Germany) HSM Hugs Infant Protection iForm Infastech InnerSpace Intivid Solutions LaBounty Lista North America Mac Tools MasterFix (Europe) Micro-Tech Enterprises MyCall Niscayah AB NPR/POP Oldham Saw Company Passport Pastorino Pedz Porter-Cable Powers Fasteners Precision Hardware Proto RoamAlert Safemasters Sargent and Greenleaf, Inc. ScanModul Sidchrome Sielox Security Systems (Australia) Sonitrol SpaceTRAX Spiralock Stanley Access Technologies Stanley Assembly Technologies Stanley Door Closers Stanley Hand Tools Stanley Hand Tools Stanley Hardware Stanley Health Care Solutions Stanley Hydraulic Tools Stanley Oil & Gas (CRC-Evans International) Stanley Supply & Services Tabs Tucker UMP USAG (Italy) Vidmar Virax (France) WanderGuard Warren AeroScout Arial Avdel B & D Bed-Check Best Access Systems Black & Decker Blackhawk Blick (UK) Bostitch Britool C.J. Rush Industries (Canada) Convergent security solutions (CSS) Craftsman Cribmaster DeWalt Dodge (fastners) Dubuis Emhart Teknologies; later renamed Stanley Engineered Fastening EVS (Canada) Expert Facom (France) Frisco Bay Industries Ltd. (Canada) Frisco-ATMS (Canada) Générale de Protection Gripco Guoqiang (GQ) Tools (China) HeliCoil Horst Sprenger GmbH (Germany) HSM Hugs Infant Protection iForm Infastech InnerSpace Intivid Solutions LaBounty Lista North America Mac Tools MasterFix (Europe) Micro-Tech Enterprises MyCall Niscayah AB NPR/POP Oldham Saw Company Passport Pastorino Pedz Porter-Cable Powers Fasteners Precision Hardware Proto RoamAlert Safemasters Sargent and Greenleaf, Inc. ScanModul Sidchrome Sielox Security Systems (Australia) Sonitrol SpaceTRAX Spiralock Stanley Access Technologies Stanley Assembly Technologies Stanley Door Closers Stanley Hand Tools Stanley Hand Tools Stanley Hardware Stanley Health Care Solutions Stanley Hydraulic Tools Stanley Oil & Gas (CRC-Evans International) Stanley Supply & Services Tabs Tucker UMP USAG (Italy) Vidmar Virax (France) WanderGuard Warren Milfucky Will fuck you
Gnarly adjective of a rough state done in a rough fashion
Canadian pesos noun Canadian dollars Freedom bucks Doll hairs Dungarees Canucks
Clipboard warriors noun Management Enginerd
Ghetto blaster noun A portable radio and cassette player, popular in the 1980's Muskick Audiofools
Ripum noun A pronunciation of RPM, or revolutions per minute
British Columbia noun A Canadian province The supposed home of the AvE channel narrator Kanuckistan
Doctoral thesis noun
Chickadee noun A small girl that occasionally appears in videos Probably the daughter of the video author Enjoys dressing as a chicken Also known as "Chicken" Backyardigans Baby Doll
Freedom bucks noun American dollars Canadian pesos Doll hairs Dungarees
Home Despot noun The Home Depot Homeless Despot Lowes Horror Fright
Ones and zero wranglers noun Someone who works with electronics An electrical engineer Someone who works with digital information or equipment Ones and zeros
Ones and zeros nounadjective A stream of data Code or instructions for a computer digital Confuser Gargler Ones and zero wranglers
A loose wing nut on the steering wheel phrase Referring to an issue with the driver or operator
Royal teeth adjective Uneven
Milfucky noun An American brand of tools Milwaukee DeWalt DeWilt DeFault Crapsman Fruke Hack & Wrecker Mastercrap Samasung Stuper glue
Hive mind noun A group of people thinking together The users of the Internet
Half a bee's dick adjective Very close A small measurement
Hoo haa rattler noun A device for stimulating the hoo haa Hoo haa Bull cook
Muskick noun Music Ghetto blaster Audiofools
Rattle factor adjective The quality of workmanship or manufacture Skookum
Dungarees noun Dollars Jeans Freedom bucks Canadian pesos Doll hairs
Tallest rocket on the launch pad adjective Smartest kid in the room Most able Sharpest bowling ball in the shed
The usual suspects noun The supply stores or websites often used for supplies Fleabay Horror Fright Home Despot
Stove pipe noun Chimney Conduit for Santa santa
Hard as a coffin nail adjective Very hard
Brain wave noun An idea
Gargler noun A computer Brain box Confuser Jazz hand routine Ones and zeros
The frozen shit-hole of Hoth noun Canada Kanuckistan
Pan of ice noun Panavise A multi position vice that holds objects at nearly any angle
Horror Fright noun Harbor Freight Home Despot
Hunt and pecker routine verb Typing Jazz hand routine
Zed noun The Commonwealth pronunciation of the English letter Z (zee) Derived from the Greek zeta
Canaderp noun Canada Canuck Great Canadian Wasteland Kanuckistan
Jay-Ay-Pan noun Japan, the country
Ronald McNolald birthday party noun Something that produces a great amount of noise; electrical or acoustic
Coal fired adjective Strong Skookum
Safety squints noun Improvised eye protection by squinting the eyelids, thus lowering the chance of injury to the eye Safety McGlasses
Go carts with wings noun A small plane, usually usually propeller driven, and used to access remote areas where larger planes cannot
Gettin' spot noun Store A location for obtaining items Home Despot
Chinada noun A reference to the abundance of items in Canada made in China China Chintzy Chinesium Hung Low Charlie
Crapsman noun Craftsman A Sears brand DeFault Fruke Hack & Wrecker Mastercrap Milfucky Samasung Stuper glue
Crapacitor noun Capacitor
Buzzwiper simulated rice wine beverage noun Budweiser beer
The cock for dolly noun The right tool for the job The piece that fits
China noun A mysterious place that manufactures things in both high and low quality and of authentic and questionable origin Chinada Chintzy Chinesium Hung Low Charlie
Stuper glue noun Super glue One of many cyanoacrylates DeWilt DeFault Crapsman Fruke Hack & Wrecker Mastercrap Milfucky Samasung
Tea bag adjective Too bad For example "Not tea bag"
Stupervisor noun A derogatory term for supervisor
Canuck noun Slang for a Canadian Canaderp Canadian pesos Great Canadian Wasteland Kanuckistan
Pixie wrangler noun Someone or something that manipulates electricity, more specifically, electrons Angry pixie physical containment device Pixie Pixie path
Mastercrap noun The Mastercraft manufacturer of tools Crapsman DeFault Fruke Hack & Wrecker Milfucky Samasung Stuper glue
Battaria noun Battery Pronounced with a Spanish accent
Sili con carne noun Slang for silicon
Choocher noun Something that chooches Chooch
Homeless Despot noun The Home Depot Home Despot
Frankenstein Fahrenheit F = C * 9/5 + 32 Science
Favorite contemporary poet noun Freddie Mercury Lead singer, songwriter, and producer of the 80's rock group, Queen Another one buys the duster
Milwaukee Workshop noun A reference to PBS' "The New Yankee Workshop" where video editing omitted hard and repetetive work United States of Freedom
Brain box noun Micro-controller Microchip Processor Confuser Gargler Jazz hand routine Ones and zeros
COB noun An acronym meaning "circuit on board"
Fruke noun The likely unlicensed and inferior Chinese version of a Fluke product DeWilt DeFault Crapsman Hack & Wrecker Mastercrap Milfucky Samasung Stuper glue
Comptroller noun Controller
Will fuck you noun The Milwaukee manufacturing company Milwaukee Milfucky DeWalt DeWilt DeFault Crapsman Fruke Hack & Wrecker Mastercrap Samasung Stuper glue
Bull cook noun A person charged with cooking or chores at a remote camp Hoo haa Hoo haa rattler
Loose in the hips adjective Not tight Able to move when not intended
Dinosaur squeezings noun Any product derived from petrochemicals Usually a liquid organic lubricant
Safety McGlasses noun Safety glasses Safety squints
Corntact verb A warning that something is going to start To become dangerous
Doll hairs noun Dollars Freedom bucks Canadian pesos
Pissin' with the cock you got verb To use what is available
Confuser noun Computer Brain box Gargler Jazz hand routine Ones and zeros
Smack and Check Her noun Black & Decker
Burninator noun Soldering iron
DeFault noun Slang for DeWalt, an American brand of tools DeWalt DeWilt Crapsman Fruke Hack & Wrecker Mastercrap Milfucky Samasung Stuper glue
Triple nickle timer noun The ubiquitous 555 timer chip The most popular integrated circuit ever produced Estimated that over one billion are produced every year Wikipedia
In through the out door phrase Doing something backward Doing something the wrong way
Non-practicing vegetarian noun Someone working in the metal arts Someone who is not in the woodworking arts
Fingered verb Slang for figured Assumed
Pistoné noun A piston
U.S. and A. noun The United States of America United States of Freedom
To kill you shots noun Slang for tequila shots
Fabricobler verb To build or create A combination of the words fabricating and cobblering
Fluke noun A company that produces measurement equipment Fruke O'smelloscope
Fat fuck in the pantsuit noun Santa Claus Sinterclaus
Sherlock Holms routine verb To examine a device or circuit to understand how it works
Jeezlus noun Jesus Friend of the Father and the Holy Ghost Son of God
Blob on board noun A circuit with one or more drops of epoxy obscuring a microchip or circuit
Plumber for ones and zeros noun An electrician An electrical engineer Engelnerding Enginerd Scienticians
Schmoo noun A viscous or slimy substance The byproduct of worn surfaces Shirts!
Vidjayo noun A video
Pixie noun An electron Forms electricity when in groups Angry pixie physical containment device Pixie path Pixie wrangler
DeWalt noun An American brand of tools Sells re-branded versions of tools from the Black & Decker Corporation DeWilt DeFault
Many ways to fricassee a cat phrase Many ways to skin a cat Many ways to fix a problem
Satisfactin' adjective Satisfying
Scienticians noun A pronunciation of 'scientists' Engelnerding Enginerd Plumber for ones and zeros